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★ Create an Accident is a platform created in 2009 in Athens.  it is a hybrid project aiming at the creation and promotion of performing and visual works, as well as the production of original theoretical research in the cultural and social field. 

★ as an internet-based platform, Create an Accident cooperates with selected artists and theoreticians and serves as a permanent lab for the creation of experimental projects.
★ since 2009 Create an Accident has collaborated with more than 45 international artists and theorists for the production of its projects that have been presented in Greece and abroad.
★ furthermore, one of Create an Accident’s fundamental aims is to interact with foreign institutes, festivals and groups, in an attempt to exchange ideas and proposals, as well as the promotion of artists and their work.
★ the platform Create an Accident works with a small and flexible team. The members of the platform, functioning in a collaborative way, define its profile, the frame of its activities and the external collaborations.
★ based on the notion of the accident, in relation to the study of contemporary culture, Create an Accident aims at developing projects and situations that cannot be assimilated or described.


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